CALEMA interoperability vehicle


On April 30, 2010 the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office took delivery of a state of the art interoperability communications vehicle. The Mobile Interoperability Gateway Unit (MIGU) is a communications resource developed through collaborative efforts of several state agencies and was paid for with Homeland Security Grant funds. It serves as California’s newest asset in establishing interoperability among disparate public safety radio systems at the scene of major incidents, as well as in providing redundant and survivable communications capabilities. There are six (6) MIGU’s being operated by the California Emergency Management Agency, and they are strategically located throughout California’s six mutual aid regions. San Mateo County was chosen to operate and maintain the MIGU assigned to mutual aid region two.

Here are a few situations where a MIGU could be useful:

  1. Secondary resource to assist with command level communications

• Multi Jurisdictional Events

  1. Search & Rescue Events

  2. Mutual Aid Situations

  3. Pre Planned Events

  4. Natural Disasters